Are you ready to talk about one of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding?
I’m talking about using your creativity to create a special meaning.
I kind of touched on this with my tips on finding flowers.
Sure, you can use the flowers you choose to express a special meaning during your wedding.
However, you can also include ethnic rituals to convey meaning as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common wedding rituals from around the world and what they may mean to you. See if you can pick out a ritual based on your culture.


1) African American couples celebrate what’s called a “jumping of the broom.” This happens immediately after the “I do’s.

2) Chinese couples drink wine from goblets that are tied together with a red ribbon.

3) East Indian grooms get a turmeric paste rubbed all over their face to keep the bad spirits away.

4) German brides carry salted bread in their pocket and the groom carries grain to bring wealth into the household

5) Egyptian brides get their right wrist tied to the grooms left wrist.

6) English brides get a live or imitation spider placed in their gown by their guests.

7) French couples drink wind from a two cup that has two handles.

8) Greek brides receive money pinned to their gowns while dancing with her new husband during the reception.

9) Italian grooms get their ties cut into small pieces. The pieces are sold to the guests.

10) Korean couples feed their guests noodle soup to symbolize a happy life together.