If you’re the type who tries to live green by practicing simplicity in everything you do, then the very prospect of planning a big, elaborate wedding probably makes you want to throw up your hands and run away screaming in terror.
If that’s your attitude, then you’ll probably want to consider eloping.
And if you do elope, considering keeping everything local, including your honeymoon.
Remember that flying anywhere increases your carbon footprint to a great degree.

Besides, eloping has so many pluses when you compare it planning even a modest wedding.
For one thing, you don’t have to find a venue for the reception, which means you’ll save on all the catering and liquor costs, nor will you be shelling out large amounts of cash for flowers or renting all the tables, chairs, plates and silverware you’d need to feed your guests.

If you don’t ask people to travel from other locations, some of them far away, then you’re already shrinking the size of the carbon footprint your wedding will create.

Now, if you’re really ambitious about staging a green wedding, use mass transit to get to where you’re getting married, and tell everyone you’re going to Bali for the honeymoon, but stay at some gorgeous local destination.
When you get there, turn off your phones, ice down the champagne, and just relax and enjoy yourself.
Taking drastic steps like I’ve just described can help to reduce the carbon footprint of you wedding to practically nothing.
What a great way to start your new life together!

Of course, anytime you break the rules and try something different, there are bound to be hurt feelings from friends or family who don’t understand your decision.
When dealing with them, it’s important to be tactful and understanding and let them know that they are loved, they just won’t be present when you get married.
You can always record your wedding on video and then invite your dearly beloveds over to your home and show it at a special wedding dinner that doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.
The important thing is to keep everything relaxed and fun.

The most important reason to elope is to simply say no to excessive consumption.
If you want the world to be a better place, and for those around you to start reducing their levels of consumption, what better way to be a good example then by staging one of the ultimate green weddings, an elopement?