You know, it can be tough coming up with green ideas for every aspect of your wedding, but here’s another one that I came across that I like a lot, so I’m going to pass it on to you.

Instead of giving out something ordinary for wedding favors like souvenir matchbooks, balloons, or little bottles of bubbles, why not give your friends, family and loved ones something really memorable that will last for months or years.
Why not give them plantable wedding favors?

Plantable Wedding FavorsThis not only gives them a terrific gift to remember your wedding by, it also demonstrates your ongoing commitment to green living by not gifting people with something manufactured or disposable.
Your plantable wedding favors could include packets of flower or vegetable or herb seeds, or they could be small plants that can be transplanted into their gardens or yards as a living memorial of your special day.

If you really get ambitious and have the budget for it, why not try giving your wedding guests bonsai trees?
Not only will they make spectacular and beautiful centerpieces for all of the tables at the reception, they also demonstrate that you and your fiancé are people of rare taste and discernment.
How’s that for class?

Of course, depending on the time of year when you get married, you could use flowering plants for your centerpieces that could be taken away and immediately transplanted, or you could use something like a small avocado plant that could also be transplanted and eventually provide something yummy for your loved ones.

There are a variety of plantable party favors you could bestow on your guests, including basil plants, a small selection of herbs, or, if you’re throwing some kind of Southwest-flavored event, how about a small cactus garden in a ceramic pot?

I think that the important thing with the plantable party favors idea is to give some kind of plant or plants that reflect your personality and interests as a way of sharing them with your family and friends.

Another “plantable” wedding favor you can dispense to your guests is to put certificates in the centerpieces stating that a donation has been made in their names to plant trees in the U.S. or to preserve rain forest land in South America or something similar.

It’s not something that they can turn around and plant in their yards like an avocado plant, but it’s a nice thought, anyway and perfectly in line with your own green principles.