What idea comes to your mind if you’ll heard the words “green wedding”?

Maybe you’ll first think of the color green literally as what it indicates but on this type of wedding doesn’t only indicate a color but also a kind of wedding wherein the concept would mean so much not only because it is sacred but also it would be a way to show love for the environment.

As we hear the word green, the first thing that may possibly come into your mind would be the environment – and yes, it is true, it’s an environment friendly type of wedding.

If you’re wondering if you can have a green wedding by simply celebrating the reception at a garden or some place that would make everyone feel that they’re near with the nature – but you can actually do this by simply having a vegan wedding.

Vegan wedding is also sometimes called as green wedding wherein all concepts and ideas should be eco friendly.

Vegan is a word derived from vegetarian that means a diet that forbids the use of meat, fish and poultry from dishes to clothing and other things.

The main good reason of vegetarians would be because of the animal welfare; they believe that it is not right to harm and inflict pain on animals just for the sake of making clothes and things from them especially if you were just about to slaughter animals for meal consumption.

They believe that it is not right, ethically speaking, to harm these creatures just for the benefits of human; this reason is indeed true if you’ll weigh every factors concerning animal welfare.
Another very factual reason is that eating vegetables would be helpful for our body since it would provide us with enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will prevent the human body from diseases.

Green wedding can be planned by seeking for information first about who can help you out on preparing everything.

First of all, you have to find a vegetarian caterer that would make great green veggie menu for your wedding day; try to create a list of different vegetarian caterers in which you can choose whom you would want to prepare the dishes on this important day.

The next one you should consider is about the wedding gown and dresses of all the people who will participate in your wedding.
Try to select a designer who will be able to work with you on designing the gowns and dresses and shoes; it would be easier if you’ll coordinate to someone who has an idea about being a vegetarian.

Also, we’re sure that you’ll be very busy during your wedding especially if there are a lot of people expected to attend the ceremony, and so you have to make sure that you can accompany each one of them by your great veggie menu.

When it comes to cakes or desserts the first thing that you have to do is to list bakeshops that were already creating vegetarian cakes so that you’ll be sure that they have an idea on how to make the best vegan wedding cake.
It is better if you’ll first ask or get information about how the procedures that they are doing to make the vegan cakes and what are the specific ingredients; after finding out everything about this, you can go ahead and select the bakeshop that will make a cake that would meet your standards.