Planning your dream wedding?
As of now, you might have an unending what-to-do list.

eco friendly weddingThey say that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times for the couple.
The excitement, pressure, and other feelings can sometimes be overwhelming.
So, it is important that the couple must immediately plan the wedding as there are several details that need proper attention and planning.

Carefully organize your notes and list all the things you want for your wedding.
Even if both of you have decided to have a small wedding, planning is still the key to make your wedding day extra marvelous.

In the wedding preparations, the couple must first set the wedding date.
First and foremost, this is the most important, as all the other wedding details will follow including the availability of the venue for the wedding reception.

If the date is already considered, then the next step is for the couple to have a complete list on who would be part of your special day.
Set the number of people to invite and from there, you can now discuss the wedding budget.

After finishing the mentioned steps, you can now book the venue for your dream wedding.
Consider your number of guests when looking for a wedding location so everyone can feel comfortable and not be cramped during the reception.

And of course, the couple must discuss the wedding theme.
Most couples already have an idea on what kind of wedding they want.
However, the only problem is that they don’t know where to start or how they can incorporate their vision into their dream wedding.
These days, many couples have experimented on trying out different wedding themes and all prove to be a major hit.
Some of the brides would go for the traditional wedding.
While some want a garden wedding or even a beach wedding.
Though these themes are exciting, it would still be nice if you deviate from the norm.
After all, it is your goal to make this wedding a truly memorable event.

So, start looking for a unique theme to let your guests have a wonderful time in your special day.
But as you are looking for the right theme, make sure that your interests and your personality are not compromised.

Take for example a couple who are advocates on helping save Mother Earth.
They could incorporate their interest or cause to their wedding.
Green weddings are now becoming more and more popular because people are now aware of saving the planet.

For a green wedding, you can start by have recycled papers to serve as your invitation.
Also, pick a wedding dress that is made from natural materials like silk and cotton as these create less negative impact on the environment.
And for a full green wedding, the food must also be in sync with your chosen theme.
With all these things considered, the couple can now have a unique wedding theme without slashing their budget.

This then proves that a wonderful wedding does not entail great amount of money if planned correctly.

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